Model Horse

Model Horse Project – Anyone who has an interest in horses can find a niche in the world of model horses. The world of model horses is both entertaining and educational. It is for equine lovers of all ages. They are especially adaptable for people who do not have horses and ones who may be allergic to real horses.

Model Horse Showing provides an opportunity for youth to exhibit their model horses and increase their knowledge and skills in equine shows through the use of showing model horses. Showing model horses can be a total learning experience. A good working knowledge of correct conformation, anatomy, proper tack and attire, horse movement, breeds and colors may be needed. It can involve many different skills, such as, collecting, sculpturing, painting and tack making. The only limitations are your knowledge, skill, and imagination. The ultimate goal is taking a real horse, doing a specified action, freeze it in time and shrink it to model size. Realism and correctness are your goals. All Members are welcome to participant at the Wisconsin State Horse Expo.